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Nov 1st, 2014: Autumn libertine

Autumns big news is this beautiful Edwardian display cabinet. Originally installed in Liberty is come our way via a high fashion designer and has been well looked after. As ample kitchen storage or displaying beautiful things in your bedroom it would be impressive. It is amazing how glamorous everything looks with a mirror behind it!



Feb 19th, 2014: Sit down next to me


Here’s a rare example of the Jose Sofa and Armchair By Guillerme Et Chambion Edition Votre Maison. I love the beautifully sculpted arms and legs and the bold carving in the back panels. Currently upholstered in orange wool, a fine example of 1950’s charm. Sofa £950   150 l, 75 w, 83 h cm Armchair £450  75 l, 75 w, 83 h cm

Jan 13th, 2014: Let there be Lights


It’s proving to be a pretty bright new year at Fandango. If the days aren’t yet long enough for your liking, why not add some beautiful light. We were lucky to find four 1920’s French cut glass shades in such a nice size. The oak leave Italian chandelier has a surprising delicacy to its awesome grandeur. There’s plenty of cool lamps we’ve lovingly restored to glory, and let’s not forget the neons. See you on shiny Cross Street x

Jul 17th, 2013: Summer Chairs

image image image image

It’s finally here, no doubt about it the sun is shining and what everyone needs now is an elegant 1920’s deck chair to lie back in and ponder the madness from behind a G and T. This pair from the Torck company of Belgium are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Produced by a company more famous for high end baby prams you can see the care and quality that makes vintage pieces stand out from their contemporary alternatives.
I love the little details like the springs in the canvas seat and the brass studs on the hinges. The canvas is a great shade of orange, nicely weathered but still strong and serviceable. I picked them up on the last trip, apparently they came from a boathouse near Oostende, veterans of many a happy summer on the Belgian Rivera!

£195 the pair

May 31st, 2013: Friday

The last day of May and OMG it’s stopped raining! I can’t quite believe it and I have to keep walking outside to check if it’s true. Needless to say it’s made everyone a lot more smiley in Islington and it’s been a pleasure to sort out and photograph the new stock. Just got back from the glaziers with a couple of new mirror shelves for these fine tables, I love the bamboo and brass combination, gotta say if there was room on the boat these would be coming home with me!





May 20th, 2013: Monday morning.

Just back from a weekend on the road, not too far this time. A quick look at France and the Low Countries and a van load of lovely things to bring home. I’ve cleaned and posted some of the smaller things, including this lovely wall sculpture by the Belgian artist D’Haeseleer.


It’s been a while since I found any of these amazing pieces. I’m always astounded by the work that goes into them, every leaf and blade of grass is  braised onto the copper frame by hand, each tree needing hundreds of individual welds. This one has a really lovely plump naive style to it, not really metal tropic, more metal temperate, a fairy tale tree!

May 8th, 2013: Moo and Me

So it’s official, fandango is back on the web! Spent two days feeling my way round WordPress, and I can fairly confidently say I’m getting the hang. A massive thank you to Rhodri and Adam for making the site look and work so damn fine, gonna spend the next few days getting everything we got on here. Moo is getting stuck in too, you can see from the picture he’s in full on doing mode.