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Dec 4th, 2020: Hadrill and Horstmann Counterweight Trolley light £795

: Hadrill and Horstmann Counterweight Wall Light. £425 Each

: Hadrill and Horstmann Articulated Counterweight Light £395

Feb 21st, 2019: 1920’s Fire Screen with painted panels Was £240 Now £180

Feb 15th, 2018: French Opaline Glass Shade £40

Jan 20th, 2018: Joint Repair

Here’s a typical repair that we do. A beautiful Mid-century cabinet that has strained two of the leg joints.

The Repair involved separating the parts, cleaning them up then re-gluing  and carefully clamping the sections to set them back up.

Finally as an addition we added a dowel to the joint to prevent a repeat of the strain fracture and refinished the whole area to blend in with the existing patina. Finished state below.

Dec 3rd, 2015: Golden neon Showbird by Chish&Fips. £595


Nov 1st, 2014: Autumn libertine

Autumns big news is this beautiful Edwardian display cabinet. Originally installed in Liberty is come our way via a high fashion designer and has been well looked after. As ample kitchen storage or displaying beautiful things in your bedroom it would be impressive. It is amazing how glamorous everything looks with a mirror behind it!



Feb 19th, 2014: Sit down next to me


Here’s a rare example of the Jose Sofa and Armchair By Guillerme Et Chambion Edition Votre Maison. I love the beautifully sculpted arms and legs and the bold carving in the back panels. Currently upholstered in orange wool, a fine example of 1950’s charm. Sofa £950   150 l, 75 w, 83 h cm Armchair £450  75 l, 75 w, 83 h cm